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Sanskrit Grammar On-line Course, September 1, 2016VladimirJun 27, 2016
The Word in the Rig-Veda and in Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem SavitriNishtha MüllerMar 27, 2015
On Re-reading Sri AurobindoRod HemsellOct 4, 2010
Studies of Sanskrit GrammarVladimirAug 5, 2010
The Philosophy of Language, Lecture NotesVladimirNov 3, 2009
The Triple worlds of the Veda (for the Linguistic Course)VladimirJan 28, 2009
Part II Introduction to the Western LinguisticsVladimirDec 9, 2008
Introduction to the Course of Theoretical LinguisticsVladimirOct 5, 2008
Some important concepts of modern Philosophy of LanguageVladimirJan 1, 2008
Six Lectures on Sound and MeaningJakobsonJan 1, 2008
Saussure's Third Course of Lectures on General LinghuisticsFerdinand de SaussureJan 1, 2008
Linguistic Contributions to the Study of Mind (Future)Noam Chomsky Jan 1, 2008
In Search of a New Linguistics in the Light of Sri AurobindoVladimirJan 1, 2008
History of Western LiguisticsVladimirJan 1, 2008
Summary of Vladimir's Presentation on the Linguistic Approach to Knowledge 22/9/07VladimirDec 20, 2007