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Integral Sustainability Seminar Series - Course Schedule

Start: December 16, 2009, 9:00 am

End: December 16, 2009, 12:30 pm

Venue: Unity Pavilion

Integral Sustainability Seminar Series - A joint offering by University of Human Unity and Living RoutesAurovilleThe University of Human Unity (UHU) is a platform for exploration and discovery in all areas of human knowledge and activity. Living Routes (LR) offers an experiential semester program on integral sustainability in Auroville, twice a year for university students. UHU and LR offer an Integral Sustainability Seminar Series to explore and integrate different sustainable practices in Auroville. This year, the seminar series will cover key issues such as water management, energy usage, appropriate building technology, nutrition, management. People involved in these areas will be invited to give short presentations of their work. The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion where presenters, panel members, and the audience jointly explore the opportunities and challenges inherent in Aurovilles vision to be a self-sufficient city.Venue: Unity Pavilion Dates (Sat morns):

Time: 9-12.30 (with a break)


UHU Living Routes


1.Seminar: a.) Introduction: integral sustainability Presenters: Rod and Bindu Time: 40 minb.) Alternative building technologies Presenter 1: Manu (green design): Presenter 2: Satprem (earthen architecture) Time: 20min each Moderator: Ethan Date: October 10th

2.Seminar: Alternative Energy Presenter 1: Min/Alok (Aurore, solar): Presenter 2: Robby (windmills, Aureka): Presenter 3: Pashi (future energy supply for AV) Time: 20 30 min each Moderator: Bindu Date: October 17th

3.Seminar:Waste management Presenter1: Pondi Can: Presenter 2: Soma/Olga: Presenter 3: Eco Service/Gillian Time: 20 min each Moderator: Bindu/Alan Date: October 24th

4.Seminar: Water management Presenter 1: Tency (waste water management - 20 min): Presenter 2: Tobi (water management in AV and in the Bioregion - 40 min): Presenter 3: Aviram, bunding, water harvesting Moderator: Ethan Date: October 31st

5.Seminar: Nutrition, organic farming Presenter 1: Marc: Presenter 2: Anandi: Presenter 3: Food link Moderator: Priya Date: November 7th

6.Seminar: Sustainable economy Presenter 1: Olvier: Presenter 2: Jean Yeves: Presenter 3: Uma (gift economy) Moderator: Bindu Date: November 28th