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UHU Meets Bahman Shirazi

Last Updated: January 11, 2008

UHU Meets Bahman Shirazi
12 January 2008
9am - 12:30pm Unity Pavilion

As a follow up to a planned presentation at SAWCHU on hurs. evening, Bhaman Shirazi will engage our UHU Group on Sat. morning in a discussion on the integeral perspective we want to evolve regarding spirituality and transformation.

His Thurs presentation has been escribed as follows:
Dr. Bahman Shirazi wishes to engage a group discussion on the theme
Integral Spirituality: The Perennial Foundations and the New Horizons
New Spirituality: what is new with respect to traditional mysticism, and what is traditional in the ew spirituality

Bahman attended some of our first UHU meetings as an interested participant last year and is a professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies.