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STUDIES OF THE RIG VEDA Hymns to the Rising Sun, Surya‐Savitri

Last Updated: April 23, 2010

Applied Integral Studies
an Online Postgraduate Programme by ICIS
Beginning 8th August 2010

Accredited by IGNOU
PG CERTIFICATE (6 months, 16 Credits)


Hymns to the Rising Sun, Surya‐Savitri
Online Facilitation by Vladimir Yatsenko

Introduction to the Vedic Paradigm of Knowledge Myth of the Rising Sun

The Study of the Hymns to Surya‐Savitri in the Rig Veda in the light of Sri Aurobindo

This course will introduce 12 major hymns to Surya‐Savitri of the Rig Veda in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga and especially his epic poem ‘Savitri’. The Hymns to the Supramental Godhead of the legendary Rishis: Hiranyastupa Angirasa, Kutsa Angirasa, Gritsamada Shaunaka, Vamadeva, Syavashva Atreya, Bharadvaja and Vasishtha, Abhitapa Saurya will be studied in depth, introducing all major symbols of the Vedic system of Knowledge. Besides, the basics of the Vedic Prosody, Chandas, such meters as Gayatri, Trishtubh, Anushtubh, Jagati, etc., will be studied in detail.

Vladimir Yatsenko is a Russian scholar and teacher of Sanskrit and the Indian scriptures, settled in Auroville (an international township for human unity), since several years.

+91‐9810052545, +91‐9810515693;


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