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Integral Yoga meets Integral Discussion

Author: Wolfgang Schmidt-Reinecke (

Last Updated: February 4, 2009

Integral Yoga meets Integral Discussion
Power Point Presentation
Presented at WISP-Program 2006/07 in Auroville, India
and AUM Meeting, 2007, Petaluma, Ca., USA
by Wolfgang Schmidt-Reinecke (

Key Threads of the Lecture

1) Since some years you can find an increasing discussion in regard to Evolutionary Spirituality. Key players of this discourse are
Ken Wilber, Don Beck (Spiral Dynamics) and Andrew Cohen (What is Enlightenment magazine, now relabeled: Enlighten Next). The latter magazine serves as a primary media platform for these presentations.

2) This discussion contains many positive references to Sri Aurobindo and The Mother as being central pioneers of an evolutionary spirituality. Andrew Cohens website positions both of them in a historical list of eminent evolutionary visionaries and thinkers. It is also one of the few external places where The Mother is sited equally to Sri Aurobindo.

3) The worldwide IY community seems to be hardly aware of the extensive integration of their masters in this discussion. Prevailing instead is still a kind of defense demeanor against Wilber who first and foremost is perceived as a conquistador misunderstanding Sri Aurobindos philosophy.
4) My thesis is that there are different strategies underlying the Integral discussion and in especially Ken Wilber`s vision on one side and and the context of IY on the other side. However there are specific tools or even mutually missing links on both sides which could be provided to each other.

5) Mother and Sri Aurobindo have planted many seeds of the New Creation. Not all flowers are called Integral Yoga and India is not the only garden. Its time to create evolutionary and global bouquets.