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The tower of Babylon in reverse, by Ingo

Last Updated: October 4, 2009


The tower of Babylon in reverse

In the last 10 000 years humanity has made an enormous development from the state of caveman towards a being that is able to conquer space and understand consciously the behind of divine creation.

An evolution towards superman and super-mind, the next higher being that is not yet walking on planet earth, but since Sri Aurobindo elaborated the concept of integral Yoga there is a possibility and a way for all human beings to go towards their better tomorrow.

Our task is noting less, than build the tower of Babylon in rivers, the city of harmony and human unity. Auroville sees itself as this model city for mankind. A laboratory space, a campus of permanent learning ,a place to integrate all races, genders, religions and ideologies ,financial concepts and traditions by a holistic and integral lifestyle and scientific approach that unifies all living beings. The real global village, a unified humanity in unlimited diversity.

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