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Psychology of Social Development
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Papers/PresentationsSri Aurobindo - The Human Cycle, by Rod
Papers/PresentationsReflections on the Integral Paradigm - 3 viewpoints
AudioGebser, Spiral Dynamics and Sri Aurobindo, Discussion at the Seminar in Psychology of Social Development
AudioAurelio's Presentation and Workshop on Gebser and Spiral Dynamics
AudioThe Human Cycle, Presentation by Rod
AudioThe Human Cycle, Discussions in UHU Seminar
AudioIntegral Structure, Discussions in UHU Seminar
AudioThe Integral Structure of Consciousness, presentation by Vladimir
AudioThe Mental Structure of Consciousness, Part 1, by Vladimir
AudioDiscussions on the Mental Structure, UHU Seminar 2009
AudioThe Mental Structure of Consciousness, part 2, by Vladimir
AudioDiscussion on the Mythical Structure of Consciousness of Jean Gebser at UHU Seminar 2009-03-14
AudioThe Ever-Present Origin of Jean Gebser, The Mythical Structure of Consciousness, by Vladimir
Papers/PresentationsSpiral dynamics - an introduction
AudioDiscussion 2 on The Ever-Present Origin of Gebser
AudioThe Ever-Present Origin of Gebser (Part 2) by Vladimir
AudioIntroduction to The Ever-Present Origin of Jean Gebser by Vladimir
AudioDiscussion in the UHU seminar on Gebser
Papers/PresentationsThe Ever-Present Origin (Power Point Presentations)
AudioWorkshop exploring different MEMEs
Papers/PresentationsSpiral Dynamics - a philosophical perspective
AudioIntroduction to the Psychology of Social Development by Rod 31.01.2009
Papers/PresentationsThe Never Ending Upward Quest: An Interview with Dr. Don Beck