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Audio12 Philosophy of Language by Vladimir 2009-12-07
Audio11 Philosophy of Language, Sanskrit terms of Language, 2009-11-30
Audio10 Philosophy of Language, Vedic Prosody 2009-11-23
Audio09 Philosophy of Language, Vedic Prosody, by Vladimir 2009-11-16
Audio08 Philosophy of Language Noun and Verb 2009-11-09
Papers/PresentationsThe Philosophy of Language, Lecture Notes
Audio07 Philosophy of Language, Noun and Verb 2009-11-02.WMA
Audio06 Sphota Theories, 2009-10-26 by Vladimir
Audio05 Philosophy of Language, (from Yaska to Bhartrihari) by Vladimir 2009-10-19
Audio04 Philosophy of Language (Tantric approach), by Vladimir
Audio03 Philosophy of Language (Syntax), by Vladimir
Audio02 The Philsophy of Language, by Vladimir
AudioThe Philosophy of Language. Sanskrit Etymology.
Papers/PresentationsThe Triple worlds of the Veda (for the Linguistic Course)
AudioLecture 12 On Linguistics [Humboldt and Saussure] by Vladimir
Papers/PresentationsPart II Introduction to the Western Linguistics
AudioLecture 11 on Linguistics [Semitic and Aryan Origins, Socrates on Language] Part 2 by Vladimir
AudioLecture 10 on Linguistics [Vedic and Tantric paradigms] by Vladimir
AudioLecture 9 on Linguistics [Tantraloka part 2] by Vladimir
AudioLecture 5 on Linguistics [On Svadhyaya] by Vladimir
AudioLecture 6 on Linguistics [Yaska and Patanjali] by Vladimir
AudioLecture 7 on Linguistics [Bhartrihari and the Theory of Sphota] by Vladimir
AudioLecture 8 On Linguistics [Tantraloka] by Vladimir
AudioLecture 4 on Linguistics by Vladimir
AudioLecture 3 on Linguistics by Vladimir
Papers/PresentationsIntroduction to the Course of Theoretical Linguistics
Papers/PresentationsIndian Approaches to Language; from the Veda to the Tantra
Papers/PresentationsOn the Vedic Prosody
AudioIntroduction to the Course of Theoretical Linguistics by Vladimir
AudioLecture 2 Theoretical Linguistics by Vladimir
AudioLecture 1 on Linguistics by Vladimir
Papers/PresentationsVedic Concept of Vac
Papers/PresentationsSome important concepts of modern Philosophy of Language
Papers/PresentationsSix Lectures on Sound and Meaning
Papers/PresentationsSaussure's Third Course of Lectures on General Linghuistics
Papers/PresentationsHistory of Western Liguistics
Papers/PresentationsDiagram of Sign
AudioLinguistics Talk - Vladimir - 22/9/07