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Studies of The Rig Veda
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Audio07 Hymns to Surya-Savitri RV 5,81-82 11-11-2009
Papers/PresentationsRig Veda hymn to Agni
Papers/PresentationsRig Veda hymns to Vayu, Indra, Mitra-Varuna
Papers/PresentationsVedic Hymns to the Dawn
Papers/PresentationsVedic Hymns to Ashvins
Papers/PresentationsStudies of Rig Veda, Hymns to Surya-Savitri, Lecture Notes
Papers/PresentationsRig Veda 2.23, 2.24, 2.25 & 2.26 - Hymn to Brahmanaspati by Nishtha Muller
Papers/PresentationsRig Veda IV.50, Hymn to Brihaspati by Nishtha Muller
Papers/PresentationsHymns to Brihaspati and Indra Rig Veda 7.97 by Nishtha
Papers/PresentationsHymns to Rudra, Studies of the Rig Veda
Audio13 Surya-Savitri Rig Veda 10.37 by Vladimir 23-12-2009
Audio12 Hymns to Surya-Savitri RV 1.115 by Vladimir 21-12-2009
Audio11 Hymns to Surya-Savitri RV 7.45 and 1.50 by Vladimir 09-12-2009
Audio10 Hymns to Surya-Savitri RV 7.38, by Vladimir 02-12-2009
Audio09 Hymns to Surya-Savitri RV 6.71 25-11-2009
Audio08 Hymns to Surya-Savitri RV 5,82 18-11-2009
Papers/PresentationsStudies of Rig Veda, Hymns to Vishnu
Audio06 Hymns to Surya-Savitri by Shyavashva Atreya, 2009-10-28
Audio05 Hymns to Surya-Savitri, RV 4.54 by Vladimir
Audio04 Hymns to Surya Savitri, 14-10-2009
Audio02 Surya-Savitri Hymns of Rig Veda, RV 1.35, by Vladimir
Audio03 Hymns to Surya Savitri of Rig Veda, RV 2.38, by Vladimir
Papers/PresentationsStudies of Rig Veda, Book 5, Hymns to Maruts
Audio12 Hymns to Surya-Savitri of the Rig Veda, by Vladimir
Papers/PresentationsStudies of Rigveda. Hymns to Agni.
Papers/PresentationsHymns to Indra and Maruts
AudioOn VAK at IPI 2008.11.25 by Vladimir
Papers/PresentationsStudies of the Rig Veda. Hymns to Surya Savitri.
Papers/PresentationsStudies of Aditi and Adityas in the Rig Veda
Papers/PresentationsHymns to Mitra and Varuna, Rigveda, Book 5
Papers/PresentationsIntroduction to the Vedic Paradigm. Studies of the hymns to Adityas and Aditi