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Papers/PresentationsThe National Curriculum Framework 2005 (NCF) and Integral Education
Papers/PresentationsExpanding Auroville’s educational options, Auroville Today November 2009
Papers/PresentationsHelping students discover their passion, an Article in Auroville Today, November 2009
Papers/PresentationsAn International University cum city-laboratory by Gilles G.
Papers/PresentationsPerformativity Criteria and Integral Assessment
AudioDiscussion with Ranjan Mitter
AudioRanjan Mitter's talk on Educational Excellence
Papers/PresentationsNew Era Secondary School Budget & Achievement Summary 2007-08
Papers/PresentationsA Text Approved by The Mother : Auroville and Education : A compilation of texts of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother by Kailas Jhavery
Papers/PresentationsSeeing Auroville as an international centre of integral education
Papers/PresentationsChronological History of the Idea and Term "University"
Papers/PresentationsTexts on Spiritual Education
Papers/PresentationsOn Education Reform