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Audio Recordings from "Spirituality Beyond Religions" International Congress, Auroville (Jan 5-8, 2010)
An interview with organizer Rudolf Schmitz-Perrin
Audio Recordings
SpeakerAudio Recording (click to download)
Rudolf  Schmitz-Perrin (France/Auroville)Spirituality beyond Religions : An Introduction
Dr.Karan Singh   (Delhi)Spirituality beyond Religions
Georges Van Vrekhem  (Auroville)"God without - God within"
Debashish Banerji (Los Angeles)Integral Anthropology and World Religions
Holger Kersten (Berlin)How much historical truth lies in religious legends?
Gangalakshmi, Martin (Auroville)Religion - Texts Readings from The Mother’s Agenda
Gangalakshmi, Martin (Auroville)Religion - Texts Readings from The Mother’s Agenda
Marc Ghisi (Brussels)On Spirituality beyond Religions
Doudou Diene (Paris)“From Theology To Ethics”
Richard Heartz (Pondicherry)Spirituality beyond Religions
Shanta Kumari (Pondichery)Reflections on Religion
Christian Hackbarth (Germany)Gradual Path - Sudden Path. Aspects of Going the Spiritual. Path between Zen and Sri Aurobindo
K.P.Aleaz (Calcutta)A Christology from Advaita Vedanta of India for a Spirituality beyond Religions
Brother Martin (Shantivanam)The Way of Radical Love: A Spirituality beyond religions.
Michael Bongardt (Berlin)The Conditions of Experience - language and spirituality
Vladimir Iatsenko (Auroville)Towards a New Psychology of Universals - The Discovery of Vedic Vision
Pier Luigi Luisi (Rome)Science and Spirituality ...
Bindu Mohanty (Auroville)Auroville as a Spiritual Society: A Transdisciplinary Interpretive Inquiry
Steve Hamlin (Los Angeles)Somatic Aspects to Religion versus Spirituality
Clare Fanning (Auroville)Vocal Yoga
Ananda Reddy (Pondichery)“Back to the Rishi”
Joseph Prabhu (Los Angeles)Sri Aurobindo and the Evolution of Consciousness
Markus Ford (Flagstaff)Panexperientialism, Panvaluism and Panspirituality
Sraddhalu Ranade (Pondichery)The Meeting of Science and Spirituality
Rod Hemsell (USA/Auroville)Spirituality and Evolution
Georges Van Vrekhem (Auroville)Talk
Bhante D.Sumedho (Pondichery)Dhammapada - In the Mother's Perspective
Sergei (Auroville)Science, Reason and Spirituality
Edwin Zappe (Salzburg)Spirituality, Man and Unity from an Interreligious, Intercultural, Interdisciplinary and Interlinguistic Point of View - in all Humility