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Body Bliss: A Continuum of Movement

Start: February 20, 2008, 10:00 am

End: February 20, 2008, 12:00 pm


"one never truly understands until one understands with ones body." The Mother

Body Bliss: A Continuum of Movement


Opportunities to awaken a greater physical receptivity, plasticity, creativity and adaptability, facilitated by Gaia Lamb a devotee from California, USA who has been working in the field of mind-body awareness for the past 30 years. Learn to use breath, sound and gentle movement with deep awareness to allow the body to regenerate and become far more conscious than before.

Wednesdays, February 13 and 20

10 am to 12 noon

Verite Community in Auroville

Each class session is complete in itself. Those who come to both

will be more confident using the processes and will build a

repertoire to use or to share with others. In this potent time in which we are preparing for 40th Anniversary and The Golden Day it is a special opportunity to increase the awareness of light in the body and to work collectively.

Contact Gaia at Mother's House 222-0337:

Wear comfortable clothes and bring a notebook, a pillow, yoga mat and

shawl or cover if convenient if it is convenient.

"We want an integral transformation, the transformation of the body and all its activities." The Mother