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Savitri Immersion Workshop by Rod Hemsell in Menorca, Spain (Apr 12-16), 2017

Savitri Immersion Workshop 2017 by Rod Hemsell in Belgium


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Integrated Science with Ingo

Start: February 2, 2008, 9:00 am

End: February 2, 2008, 12:30 pm

UHU Exploratory Session

9am - 12:30pm Saturday, 2 February 2008
Will start at Town Hall with multi-media presentation and will then move to Unity Pavilion

Ingo will present a a general introduction to a proposel for a new integated science,followed by two practical exemples concerning waterreasearche under the titlewater sourse of life and a proposel for a general vocational training in Auroville called creating beauty.

In the later part of the morning, visiting friend of Auroville, Otto Ulrich with give an introduction to the development of his new game regarding climate change - called "Cooling Down." For folks interested in exploring this topic further, there may be the possibility of scheduling a session in the afternoon.