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WISP workshop: Context of the International Zone

Start: January 31, 2008, 5:00 pm

End: January 31, 2008, 7:00 pm

January 31st, 5-7pm, Unity Pavilion
Presenter: Wolfgang (for years chairman both of AVI Germany and of the AVI umbrella association, founding member of the German Pavilion Group)

Slide show and discussion

In the past 40 years Auroville has developed its urban vision quite remarkably. However there is still a whole quarter which almost looks like wasteland. The International Zone, a unique part of the evolving urban experiment, is hardly developed, both in infrastructure and in concept. This is partly understandable as priorities for many years have been with housing, economy, education and other urgent needs of the young community. With the maturing 40th anniversary there might be an occasion to pay more attention to this underdeveloped part of Aurovilles body and vision now.

In this WISP workshop we will take a closer look at some questions that want to be answered satisfyingly in order to get basic ground for the IZ. E.g.: Why should we care for national souls when we are building a universal city? Will this quarter be mainly interesting for AV tourists or is there any practical value for the community? Whats the unique character of the International Zone since already you can find elaborated national pavilions parks elsewhere like Walt Disneys Epcot Centre in Florida or at numerous World Exhibitions? Could it be, that the topic of national souls and the IZ in the way Sri Aurobindo and Mother described them are a part of evolution, which in our present global time has become outdated?