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UHU Moving Toward the Future

Start: January 5, 2008, 9:00 am

End: January 5, 2008, 12:30 pm

UHU Development Team continues its sessions to explore possibilities for its continued development

9am - 12:30pm at Unity Pavilion

In this week's session, we will be exploring Mission and Vision statements for UHU using the original statements created last year for a draft brochure.

We will look at these statements to see if they still feel relevant to UHU's direction at this point in time.

UHU Development participants are encouraged to review the statements before the meeting to give some thought and reflection to their relevance. If you are unable to attend the meeting on the 5th, but would like to send your input, please e-mail me your comments at

The statements are included below:

The full draft of the brochure can be viewed at:

"The specific mission of the University of Human Unity will be to provide an environment for higher learning where the discovery of an integral self-knowledge and world-knowledge will be the aim, where integral self-development and the realization of the full human potential will be the primary object of research and discovery in all fields of study.

The University of Human Unity will be a platform for exploration and discovery in all areas of knowledge and activity where students may design, develop and implement programs of study in a a supportive and contemplative atmosphere, with the participation and cooperation of other students and facilitators in their respective fields of interest. To do this, new approaches to knowledge and new learning modalities are to be discovered, and a new perception, a deeper understanding, a truer force of consciousness manifested, in Auroville and in the world."

Additional information from the UHU Seedlings Meeting of 2 January 2008:

At the UHU development team meeting today, we looked
more deeply into a possible set of presentations that
would bring Auroville development perspectives and
issues into a framework for integral exploration and
discovery. The ideas were interesting but we didn't
arrive at a definite proposal for setting the course.
And we also didn't get to the other items on the
agenda: projecting our identity, setting up an office,
completing the brochure, mission statement, etc. So,
we concluded with the agreement to pursue these topics
in the larger forum on Sat. morning. All are warmly
invited. Several of us were present at the Wright
Group event on the 1st and can report on that positive
experience as well.