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UHU Reflections Session

Start: December 22, 2007, 9:00 am

End: December 22, 2007, 12:30 pm

   UHU Reflections Session  Unity Pavilion  Saturday, 22 Dec 2007  9am - 12:30   
Dear UHU members,

Since some weeks we are trying to get a vision of what UHU is and what it is "called" to become. Before starting to project into the future on what UHU could be, a suggestion was agreed upon to first question ourselves on
what UHU has brought to each of us during this past year: what has been its contribution to fulfil what we individually expected from it.

This is the work we wish to undertake next Saturday: to express ourselves and to listen to each other on what we have individually experienced. We expect all the participants to attend this workshop, be they "students" or / and lecturers.

In order to do so we first recommend that you recollect as much as possible the different presentations made. A summary of all of them are attached in a document linked to this UHU calendar event for 22 Dec 2007.
(Half of them are included now and the rest to be included in a second document soon). The summaries will also be included in the UHU Seminar Docs section on the front page of the website.

Do take some time to go on the site and read it.

On Saturday we will then question ourselves and exchange along the following examples of questions:

As a student or as a lecturer:
What have you perceived?
What have you offered?
What have you learnt?
Have you felt that you were becoming somehow someone else?
What indication for the future development can you derived from your experience?
Do you feel UHU has succeeded to enlarge and / or to unify the knowledge you have of the world ? The knowledge / experience
you have of yourself ?

And more specifically being a lecturer :
Has the situation created in UHU changed your way to give your lecture?
Apart from the content, have you prepared something special for your intervention in UHU ? and what has been its impact ?

All these questions are only there to stimulate your reflection, they neither need to be answered totally nor to be your sole

Looking forward to exchange with you on Saturday

The members of the Seedlings Group
(alias core group)


UHU Summaries.doc