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A Series of Four Lectures About Man’s Place in the Universe by Prof. Sehdev Kumar

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Being & Consciousness: Bhakti Yoga and the Divine Adoration by Dr. Sehdev Kumar

Start: July 8, 2016, 10:00 am

End: July 8, 2016, 11:30 am

Venue: Unity Pavilion

Lecture/Seminar Series

University of Human Unity


Being & Consciousness

Bhakti Yoga and the Divine Adoration

"Adoration, Music, Verse, Dance ….

For millennia, the great sages in India have

celebrated the experience of the Divine

in most palpable sensuality. How & Why? "


Dr. Sehdev Kumar

Based on his forthcoming book, 7000 Million Degrees of Freedom, Dr. Sehdev Kumar presents this lecture/seminar series on the nature and mystery of Consciousness with special reference to the Bhakti Movement, and in the context of studies and research in evolutionary psychology, quantum physics, neurobiology, and new explorations in music. 


 About the Speaker:  Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto, Canada, Author of Vision of Kabir, Lotus in the Stone, Matters of Life & Death: Reflections on Bioethics, Law and the Human Destiny and other books, Dr. Kumar is a Nuclear Physicist, and a historian and philosopher of Science, and a Bioethicist; he lectures extensively on topics related to Nature of Mind & Consciousness. Friend of Auroville, he also writes a weekly column, Ideas & Beliefs.

Dr. Kumar will present four weekly seminars on the following themes:

i.                   I Remember, and hence I Become: Memory, Self & The Bhakti Movement: July 8

ii.                 Seeds of Consciousness  & The Ground of Being : The Bhakti Yoga & the Poetic Sensibility: July 16

iii.              The Mundane & the Sacred: Are there different Levels of Consciousness?: July 23

iv.               Stepping into the Light of Freedom : Vision of Kabir & Mira: July 30

Venue: Unity Pavilion

Starting Date: July 8 

Time:  10.00 am - 11.30 am