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Meeting Notes 03.04.08

Last Updated: April 6, 2008

Notes of the Seedling Meeting of

The University of Human Unity,

At Unity Pavilion, on Thursday, the 3rd of April, 2008.

Present: Bhavana (Chair), Grace, Shivaya, Siegbert, Siv, Rudy, Ingo, Vladimir.


  1. Saturdays schedules;

  2. UNESCO desk help;

  3. Graces proposal;

  4. Audio on the Web;

  5. Vision of University of Human Unity.

  6. Evaluation of the meeting;

I Saturday schedules:

    1. Dream Catchers on this Saturday, 5th of April

    2. IZ Group, presentation by Peter and discussion in UHU, on the 12th of April.

    3. Olivier presenting his research in new approaches to Economy on the 19th of April

    4. Grace introducing the Web site for users on the 2nd of May.

Few general remarks on the process of our Saturday meetings were made by

  1. Aurelio (via Bhavana): even though it may be very interesting to attend any lecture on different topics, we should not fall into this style of lecturing, but reflect among us what we have learnt and what else can be learnt.

  2. Bhavana we should introduce the method of interaction between us in a circle, and build our team on the basis of knowledge. The speaker should not be asked or addressed in this discussions but the topic, we should re-focus on the topic and in a new manner discuss it, the speaker can participate or listen, he is not answering the questions anymore.

  3. Vladimir the best we could do would be to introduce speakers to our concept and to integrate them into what we are actually doing, what we are seeking for. The speakers themselves have to open up for a new way of learning. It is through this opening that we will all benefit in our process of learning.

II UNESCOs help desk by Ingo.

This is a proposal for creation of the project coordination group called UNESCOs help desk initiated by Ingo. He will present the details later.

4 forms of donations can be considered by this desk:

1) know-how data base;

2) experts and sponsoring expertise;

3) materials in art, computers etc.;

4) money for project funds.

Money itself can be considered in four subsections:

  1. Buildings;

  2. short term funds: exhibitions, conferences etc.;

  3. specific funds for a particular work;

  4. developmental funds, like AVG etc.

So the project holders give their projects to the Help Desk of UNESCO, which has three different levels of help:

  1. Desk person on the phone;

  2. Experts to go to the field to help;

  3. Other experts to consult on line.

Siegbert asked (reinforced by Bhavana): Is it really a work of UHU or it is something which is to be done in Auroville?

Shivaya suggested to bring this topic to Sauro and Luidji.

Igno: I have tried to contact with Sauro and Luidgi, but Sauro does not deal with fund raising anymore and Luidgi was unavailable.

Vladimir: It is would be wonderful for UHU to have its own help desk for fundraising.

Siv: it is also good from educational point of view. To learn to do it right.

III Graces proposal.


To create a subgroup to work on the details of the program and to try to see who it could incorporate other learning communities, like Verite, CSR, Auro Press, Quiet, etc.


Verite wants to be a learning community, a Center of Health and Healing, which can collaborate to the development of integral paradigm of UHU in its particular way. We have to meet with other communities of learning like CSR, Auropress, etc. and introduce them to our concept of learning; to invite them to collaborate.


It is not the only method of UHU. We should not expect everyone to go through these doors! UHU has to keep open to other possible methods and approaches.


Exactly! It is like the doors are opening and you can see what you have and what you are. For me this method is like making an order in my room, where I have books everywhere on the floor around my self and my laptop. It is like putting them in order on the shelves, so that I can easily find them when I need them.


This method is universal for it introduces everyone in whatever capacity they may be to learn from others and to contribute. It is a true method of spirituality beyond religions. I invite Rudy to discover this method with us.

IV Audio files on the website are of low quality says Siegbert. We should get better equipment for UHU, also a beamer and computer.

V A Vision of UHU by Rudy.

There are many different approaches already in UHU:

    1. It is as if the force is leading us from above;

    2. That it may become an elite school (Marc Lux)

    3. The place of transformative practices (Michael Murphy)

    4. Free lancing place for students (Joe)

    5. Certificates of an official education for students through SACAR (Ananda)

    6. No certificates by SAIIER

Etc. etc.

Bhavana asked Rudy a question how he sees himself and his role in the future of UHU:

Rudy conveyed his intention to be a person who will keep the flame of Aspiration towards UHU and will bring all his energies and expertise into it to make it happen. He is ready to go and meet people all over the world and speak with them about UHU and bring their expertise and knowledge here.

VI Evaluation of the meeting,

Grace: it was the best meeting we have had, most constructive and peaceful.

Shivaya: it was very good in many aspects.

Siegbert: I liked it.

Siv: it was good.

Rudy: yes it was good.

Ingo: it was constructive and well balanced

Vladimir: It was very good with Bhavanas facilitation and Siegberts time keeping.

Bhavana: I learned this facilitation but always wanted to apply it in practice. It was a nice meeting for me too.