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Integral Paradigm of Knowledge Seminar Jan 26-28

International Seminar on Integral Paradigm of Knowledge February 10-14 2017

Vedic Studies On-line Course September 1, 2016

Mind and Supermind (concluding lectures)

The Autonomous Adult and Karma Yoga

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Allied Organisations

Last Updated: June 28, 2008

The University of Human Unity is connected with a wide variety of organizations for exploration and discovery
of a new consciousness through integral studies in all areas of human knowledge:

California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) - California, US

Centre for International Research in Human Unity (CIRHU) - Auroville, India

Centre for Scientific Research (CSR) - Auroville, India

Esalen Institute - California, US

Indian Psychology Institute (IPI) - Pudicherry, India

International Zone Group (IZ) - Auroville, India

Laboratory for Evolution (LOE) - Auroville, India

Living Routes - Massachusetts, US

Savitri Bhavan - Auroville, India

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research (SACAR) - Pudicherry, India

Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Education and Research (SAIIER) - Auroville, India

Unity Pavilion - Auroville, India

University of the Integral Yoga (in Russian)

Verite Integral Learning Centre (ILC) - Auroville, India

Winter Integral Studies Program (WISP) - Auroville, India

WorldShift University, Club of Budapest

The University of Human Unity welcomes all units and individuals in Auroville who are actively engaged in research and higher learning, as well as kindred individuals and organisations around the world to join with us in this process of discovery.