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Last Updated: March 14, 2008

Philosophy deals with our mental ability to overview and conceptualize.

Everyone has to have a metaphysical picture of the world, as a system of mental views or beliefs - a metaphysical paradigm. It includes a hidden hierarchy of understanding of what is first and what is next, what is important and what is less important, and how it constitutes one reality, without which the reality cannot be approached in a rational manner.

Philosophy includes topics such as: Metaphysics and Metaphysical paradigms, Learning through Seeing and Conceptualising, Vedic Vision, Vedanta, Gita, Tantra, Darshanas, Structures of Consciousness, Greek Philosophy, Christian Mystics, Gnosticism, etc.,

Western Classical and Contemporary Philosophy, Sri Aurobindo's Works, etc.

In this portal, we can explore all the aspects of learning through a philosophical approach to knowledge.

For more information on how philosophy relates to a more integral, holistic approach to knowledge, please refer to "Integral Approach to Knowledge"