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The Philosophical Approach to Knowledge - Ananda Reddy (29/9)

Last Updated: March 10, 2008

Let's concentrate on that aspect of knowledge which leads to a Unitarian approach in learning, knowledge and consciousness. I have specifically taken this angle because of another factor, that is when we read SA's Life Divine or the Synthesis, that his been his greatest stress - consciousness of unity. When he tells about this consciousness of unity he brings in the idea that all this is possible with the supramental consciousness. Mind can think and talk about unity but it becomes really feasible only with the coming of the supramental consciousness. That gives me a new understanding of SA, that all this knowledge he has given us and the Yoga he has put before us, is a means to hasten the supramental consciousness in ourselves and the world. Had it been for the sake of knowledge per se, it would not have been interesting. How do we invoke that consciousness? At least to start with, let's have this approach of unity. That is the widest road to the supramental consciousness. Here philosophy helps me individually always to have this comprehensive Unitarian consciousness. We at SACAR are not against any thinker or any religion. Keeping SA as the basis, we are consciously attempting to embrace all the other thinkers and yogis. If I have learned anything from the Life Divine, it is this, not to reject any thought - every human thought and endeavor has its own validity, however temporary it may be, it has a validity in the evolution of human consciousness...That is how when we started UHU, I felt SACAR would be a fitting partner.

When we speak about the philosophical approach to knowledge, SA comes out strongly telling us, the division we have made between philosophy and practical realization is a false division. We have a tendency to say philosophical thought is not practical, let's be pragmatic. ...He goes to the basic definition of philosophy. He says we are talking about, what we have in India, darshana, the discovery of the basic truths of all existence, which could be the guiding principle of our own life. Philosophical approach to knowledge is the most urgent, pragmatic and utilitarian approach. Here especially in this environment of Auroville, we don't want metaphysical analysis but a principle that can guide our life, that can dominate our life and take us into a future consciousness. ...

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