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The Philosophy of Evolution: Mind and Supermind (complete)

Author: Rod Hemsell

Last Updated: February 9, 2013

Following the first series of lectures in 2008, ’Darwin and Sri Aurobindo’, this series of lectures attempts to define mind, the limitations of mind, and the rationale for a theory of evolution beyond mind, based primarily on the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo. While in the first series a background in the most important biological thinkers who have contributed to the philosophy of evolution was presented, a background is presented here in the thought of several important philosophical thinkers, such as Aristotle in the classical period, Bergson, Whitehead and Heidegger in the early 20th Century, and finally some of the more current philosophers of evolution, such as Bateson, Sheldrake, Capra, and Dennett, whose thought may be considered essential to an understanding of the philosophy of the evolution of Mind. The present collection of lectures has been selected and edited from the 2009 series and completed by a final series of lectures presented in 2012. The audio files of the complete series in 2009, as well as the previous series in 2008, and the complete text of the 2008 lectures, are also available, along with this collection, on the University of Human Unity website: