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The Autonomous Adult and Karma Yoga

Author: Tulsi Bhandari

Last Updated: September 16, 2012


This small book speaks about the applied aspects of  Bhagvadgita’s Yoga and Sri Aurobindo’s Integral yoga, and is farfetched from a scholarly attempt at that, for which, I am not in the least qualified. No comparisons, conclusions, or putting forth of new thoughts or ideas have been attempted; it is simply like talking about the need for a conscious practice of yoga as the aim of human life to some friends who are willing to lend their ears. The emphasis is on the importance of an enrichment of the holistic or the spiritual in human life. The call of the Spirit haunts many of us but there are few who get aside to hear what it has to convey; and there are fewer still who have the will to follow it, which makes them seekers. The path is tougher than what can ever be visualized and there are even fewer who reach a ground where the feet are so firmly placed that no question of not trudging it can ever arise. It becomes clear to the seeker that methods, rules, and gradations apply here and there are no short cuts. A pure intuition or inner guidance has to be followed while changing directions and not the dictates of the ego, and therefore it does not matter whether one renounces ordinary life or lives in the midst of it; the seeker needs to be baked into a stronger vessel able to receive Light and Knowledge from above for living a life in Divine Peace and fulfillment in the world.

A transformation in ones nature is not easy to acquire, the seeker places himself at the Divine Feet with a pure aspiration for it. The Gita’s Yoga is meant to make life and work meaningful and harmonious; the battle of life has to be fought for progress and evolution both in the inner and outer fields of existence; to make us arrive at this balance and equality is the secret Will of Nature.

I most humbly acknowledge in deep gratitude, the meticulously done work by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust to preserve the originality of Sri Aurobindo’s massive writings down to every sign of punctuation, which makes all the difference to his long sentences and about which he himself and later, the Mother was so clearly attentive, and, for publishing them with such care and devotion; those of us who have had the life changing experience and have become one with his vision shall remain grateful for this dedication of all who have been involved in this task.

                                                                                      Tulsi Bhandari  

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