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Instructions for using the virtual classroom of University of Human Unity

Author: Keka

Last Updated: August 16, 2011

  1. Go to URL
  2. You will see the window with a title “Login” at the left upper corner, below the top image. Enter the user-id and password provided (case sensitive) to you via email for virtual classroom and then click the “Login” button.
  3. After that you will see the list of courses you are enrolled into, under My Courses.
  4. Click the course that you want to work with (every course name is also a link that can be clicked).
  5. Next screen will show you the things that you can do corresponding to the course you have clicked. Also notice that the course name has appeared at the top menu bar right after the UHU Campus link. The UHU Campus link will take you back to My Courses that you saw in step 3 above.
  6. In step 5 you will see course related things including the following:
    • Assignments: If you click Assignments you will see the list of assignments with week number and the name, due-date etc. Usually UHU courses are laid out in weekly fashion. The week number will specify which week of your lessons the assignment belongs to. Now if you click the assignment name (every assignment name is also a link that can be clicked) – then you go to the page where it has described what you need to do. If you need to upload a file – you will see a gray button at the bottom of that page, which says “Choose File”. Click that and it will let you select the file to be uploaded (2 MB max) and then you click the “Upload this File” button right below the choose file button. This process should upload your file. If you do not see these buttons then that means that this selected assignment does not allow you to upload files. If that is not expected then you may ask your teacher. At this time you will see the course that you are in right now also is a clickable link at the top menu bar next to UHU Campus link. You may always click that link to go the view for that particular course as in step 5.
    • Forums: If you click Forums you will see the list of Forums with names (under Forum column). Every forum name is also a link that can be clicked. The News forum is for news and announcements and usually will not have discussions. If you click any other forum then you will see a list of discussions under that forum and every discussion name (under Discussion column) is also a link that can be clicked. You can start a new discussion by clicking the “Add a discussion topic” button or you may click any existing discussion link that you like to join. If you click an existing discussion link, you can see all the posts in that discussion where you may reply by clicking the reply link below the post that you would like to reply to.
    • Resources: If you click the Resources link you will come to the Resources page for the selected course where all the resources are listed with week number and name. The week number will specify which week of your lessons the resource belongs to. Now if you click the resource name (every resource name is also a link that can be clicked) – then it will let you download or see/hear the text/audio resource.
  7. If you have any further questions please email us by (preferably) replying to your original enrollment confirmation email or by emailing at the Please specify in your email,
    • your virtual classroom user id (provided via email as it is mentioned in step 2 above),
    • email id with which you applied for your enrolment into this course,
    • the course name that you are trying to work with
    • and your question.