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In search of the secret will in matter - where intuition leads, physics follows, by Keka

Author: Keka Chakraborty

Last Updated: January 6, 2010

Many great physicists have put their sincerity to make this field a pure research, a pure seeking of knowledge, which has made this subject so rich and attractive. However, in spite of that purity, it is still subject to the incapacity/ignorance and some unavoidable assumptions at every step. There has to be a way out of, this idea of knowledge, that is acquired by, division-then aggregation-and description of the process in between.

This presentation was facilitated at unity pavilion in Auroville, as an effort to have a walk from the mechanical/Relativistic physics to quantum physics and then toward an integral understanding. It tries to see how we can come out of the repetitive uniform mechanical universe toward a dynamic, evolving, directional, fresh and new universe at every moment, and yet not getting lost in the infinite becoming, with the support of the eternal stability.

The following topics are in the flow:
  1. Young's double slit experiment and its observation from quantum perspective.
  2. Locality Paradox and the holistic interpretation of quantum behavior of photons by Niels Bohr.
  3. CPT-Violation or Relativity Violation.
  4. Black hole etc.
  5. Graphical representation of space and time from relativistic and quantum perspectives.
  6. Integral Understanding of matter.

Audio Links

  Scientific approach - Part 2 Where intuition leads, Physics follows, by Keka 2009-11-14 ( 70 min )

  Scientific approach - Part 1 Where intuition leads, Physics follows, by Keka 2009-11-14 ( 90 min )

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Keka's Presentation 3
Keka's Presentation 2
Keka's presentation 1