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Sociological approach to KnowledgeSiv JakobsenJan 19, 2012
Sociological approach to KnowledgeUlrichJan 19, 2012
Gebser, Spiral Dynamics and Sri Aurobindo, Discussion at the Seminar in Psychology of Social DevelopmentUHU TeamApr 11, 2009
Aurelio's Presentation and Workshop on Gebser and Spiral DynamicsAurelioApr 11, 2009
The Human Cycle, Presentation by RodRod HemsellApr 4, 2009
The Human Cycle, Discussions in UHU SeminarUHU TeamApr 4, 2009
Bhavana's presentation on the seminar of townplanning by the group from GermanybhavanaMar 19, 2009
Discussion on the Mythical Structure of Consciousness of Jean Gebser at UHU Seminar 2009-03-14UHU TeamMar 16, 2009
The Ever-Present Origin of Jean Gebser, The Mythical Structure of Consciousness, by VladimirVladimirMar 16, 2009
Discussion 2 on The Ever-Present Origin of GebserUHU TeamMar 8, 2009
The Ever-Present Origin of Gebser (Part 2) by VladimirVladimirMar 8, 2009
Introduction to The Ever-Present Origin of Jean Gebser by VladimirVladimirMar 3, 2009
Discussion in the UHU seminar on GebserUHU TeamMar 3, 2009
Auroville, the Villages and Human Unity by Bhavana 18/11/07BhavanaDec 21, 2007
Discussion of "Auroville, the Villages and Human Unity 18/11/07BhavanaNov 27, 2007