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Savitri and Death, Session 1, Towards the Black Void. A Savitri Immersion Workshop, August, 2017 by Rod HemsellRod HemsellSep 24, 2017
Mantra - A Savitri Immersion Workshop, California 2017, by Rod HemsellRod HemsellJun 26, 2017
The Vision and the Boon, Savitri Bk 3 Cn 4, reading and commentary on mantra by RodRod HemsellOct 5, 2015
The Flame and the Call, Savitri Bk 4, Canto 2-3, Commentary/reading by Rod HemsellRod HemsellSep 14, 2015
International Seminar on Integral Paradigm and Other Approaches to KnowledgeN/AJan 26, 2012
Philosophical and Psychological Approaches DiscussiondiscussionJan 26, 2012
Integral Paradigm of Knowledge - An IntroductionVladimirJan 19, 2012
Integral Pardigm of KnowledgeDebashish BanerjiJan 19, 2012
Integral UniversityMarco MasiJan 19, 2012
Integral University Part 2Marco MasiJan 19, 2012
Savitri Book VII, Canto VII & Agenda excerptRod HemsellOct 6, 2010
Savitri Book VII, Canto VI & Agenda excerptRod HemsellOct 6, 2010
Savitri Canto IV (pt. 2)Rod HemsellOct 6, 2010
Commentary plus Canto III (Pt. 2) and Canto IV (pt. 1)Rod HemsellOct 6, 2010
Savitri, Book I, Canto III The Yoga of the King (part 1)Rod HemsellOct 6, 2010
Introduction to lecture series on SavitriRod HemsellOct 6, 2010
Evolution and the Earth Presentation by Rod Part 2 24-04-2010Rod HemsellApr 26, 2010
Evolution and the Earth Presentation by Rod Part 1 24-04-2010Rod HemsellApr 26, 2010
Edwin Zappe (Salzburg): Spirituality, Man and Unity from an Interreligious, Intercultural, Interdisciplinary and Interlinguistic Point of View - in all Humility Edwin ZappeJan 17, 2010
Sergei (Auroville): Science, Reason and SpiritualitySergei Jan 17, 2010
Bhante D.Sumedho (Pondichery): Dhammapada - In the Mother’s PerspectiveBhante D.SumedhoJan 17, 2010
Georges Van Vrekhem (Auroville) Georges Van VrekhemJan 17, 2010
Rod Hemsell (USA/Auroville): Spirituality and EvolutionRod HemsellJan 17, 2010
Sraddhalu Ranade (Pondichery): The Meeting of Science and SpiritualitySraddhalu RanadeJan 17, 2010
Markus Ford (Flagstaff): Panexperientialism, Panvaluism and PanspiritualityMarkus FordJan 17, 2010
Joseph Prabhu (Los Angeles): Sri Aurobindo and the Evolution of ConsciousnessJoseph Prabhu Jan 17, 2010
Ananda Reddy (Pondichery):“Back to the Rishi”Ananda ReddyJan 17, 2010
Clare Fanning: Vocal YogaClare FanningJan 17, 2010
Steve Hamlin (Los Angeles): Somatic Aspects to Religion versus SpiritualitySteve HamlinJan 17, 2010
Bindu Mohanty (Auroville): Auroville as a Spiritual Society: A Transdisciplinary Interpretive Inquiry Bindu MohantyJan 17, 2010
Pier Luigi Luisi (Rome): Science and Spirituality …Pier Luigi LuisiJan 17, 2010
Vladimir Iatsenko (Auroville): Towards a New Psychology of Universals - The Discovery of Vedic VisionVladimirJan 17, 2010
Michael Bongardt (Berlin): The Conditions of Experience - language and spiritualityMichael Bongardt Jan 17, 2010
Brother Martin (Shantivanam): The Way of Radical Love: A Spirituality beyond religions.Brother Martin Jan 17, 2010
K.P.Aleaz (Calcutta): A Christology from Advaita Vedanta of India for a Spirituality beyond Religions K.P.Aleaz Jan 17, 2010
Christian Hackbarth (Germany) Gradual Path – Sudden Path. Aspects of Going the Spiritual. Path between Zen and Sri Aurobindo Christian HackbarthJan 17, 2010
Shanta Kumari (Pondichery): Reflections on ReligionShanta Kumari Jan 17, 2010
Richard Heartz on Spirituality beyond ReligionsRichard HeartzJan 17, 2010
Doudou Diene (Paris): “From Theology To Ethics” Doudou DieneJan 17, 2010
Marc Ghisi (Brussels): On Spirituality beyond Religions Marc Ghisi Jan 17, 2010
Martin (Auroville) Religion – Texts Readings from The Mother’s Agenda MartinJan 17, 2010
Gangalakshmi, Martin (Auroville): Religion – Texts Readings from The Mother’s Agenda GangalakshmiJan 17, 2010
Holger Kersten (Berlin): How much historical truth lies in religious legends?Holger Kersten Jan 17, 2010
Georges Van Vrekhem: God without - God withinGeorges Van VrekhemJan 16, 2010
Spirituality beyond Religions Introduction by RudolfRudyJan 14, 2010
Karan Singh on Spirituality beyond ReligionsKaren SinghJan 13, 2010
Introduction to the Seminar on Integral Sustainability by Rod and BinduRod and BinduOct 13, 2009
Integral Structure, Discussions in UHU SeminarUHU TeamMar 29, 2009
The Integral Structure of Consciousness, presentation by VladimirVladimirMar 29, 2009
Discussion of Integral Learning 15/9/07 Part I- theoreticalUHU TeamMay 24, 2008
UHU Moves Toward the Future - DiscussionUHU TeamDec 24, 2007
Integral Approach to Knowledge by Rod - 10/11/07Rod HemsellDec 20, 2007
Introduction to Integral Learning by Rod 15/9/07Rod HemsellDec 20, 2007
Discussion of Integral Learning 15/9/07 Part II - practicalitiesUHU TeamNov 27, 2007
Presentation of Integral Approach to Knowledge by Rudy - 3/11/07RudyNov 27, 2007
Presentation of Integral Approach to Knowledge by Vladimir II - 3/11/07VladimirNov 27, 2007
Presentation of Integral Approach to Knowledge by Vladimir I - 3/11/07VladimirNov 27, 2007