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Gongmaster Don Conreaux talks about the Gong 08.03.08

Last Updated: March 20, 2008


Gongmaster DON CONREAUX began his musical career at 18 in 1952 when he studied voice with famous singing coach Alta Turk Everett. He began to play the gong in 1969 when he was an Actor, Director, Writer in Hollywood and inspired by the work of Dane Rudhyar. Since then he has obtained the distinction of being internationally recognized as the most well known master of the gong and teacher of sacred tone improvisation.

He shares a bit about the effect that the gong has on the human being and about his four-year world tour to share his vision.

Note: the talk is preceeded by a short discussion by the UHU group about Georges Van Vrekem's talk on Sri Aurobindo and Ancient Greece which preceeds this talk.



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  Don on Gongs.WMA    (51 mins)   

Voice: Don Conreaux

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