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Notes from the 1st meeting of UHU 25.11.06

First meeting of UHU at Unity Pavilion on Saturday 25, 2006.

Present: Rudy, Rod, Vladimir, Jean Yves, Luigi, Shraddhavan, Bhavana, Dhanya, Bhaga, Shivaya, Kathy, Aurolee, Nishtha, Jean Claude, Me Hyon, Elisabeth, Dr. Matthijs Cornelissen and Neeltje Huppes (IPI), Ananda Reddy (SACAR), (four more people, two newcomers and two guests).

The notes:

1) Rudy presented UHU project in a new light as the Mothers project, including the historical development of it from the past. (the paper attached).

2) Ananda gave a background on the University in Auroville from the time of the Mother, how she and his father discussed the project and how it was not a right time then. He started his own University of Tomorrow, Sri Aurobindo Darshan, to study mainly Sri Aurobindos work. He proposed to be of some help for UHU: to be connected with SACAR website, the same was offered by Matthijs to be connected to his website of IPI.

3) Rod presented a concept of a higher learning in a perspective of progressive education.

4) Vladimir briefly compared western and eastern approach to knowledge; also introduced the novelty of basic principles of the UHU: a) everyone is a learner, b) self-educational methods of learning; c) interdisciplinary studies. Website could become a good coordination center of UHU. (papers attached)

5) JeanYves spoke of No-school concept of the Mother, the importance of not knowing as a method of a deeper and more sincere enquiry.

6) Matthijs was fascinated by the project and gave good advices not to over-structure it from the beginning. Neeltje also suggested to go slow and to avoid institutionalization from the beginning especially in money matters.

7) Luigi said that it was about time to start this project, he welcomed it, saying that this seed is to be sawn now in the monsoon season.

8) Kathy spoke about educational programs WISP, Kosmos Caf, Village projects, extensively; and about students exchange program from the Universities of Washington and CIIS and others. She hoped to open up the whole Auroville for all those who want learn to live in a new way.

9) Bhavana expressed her happiness and satisfaction to start UHU and mentioned about the work done in the Center of Integral Studies in Verite.