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About the term "university"

There has been a broadening in the usage of the term of university all over the world recent years, referring to peace-universities, summer universities, for instance, or e-learning universities (universit de tous les savoirs, In the present case, the idea and the very expression university is part of Mothers vision of Auroville. In 1969, Mother wanted Roger Angers to inform the UNESCO about her plan that Auroville will have (or be) a Universit de l'Unit Humaine, a University for Human Unity.

Learning in Auroville has proved to be a continuous successful exception to the rules of any state educational system. No-School, Free Progress One can imagine an innovative alternative genre of university of all for all, expressive of the explorations of a new Consciousness manifesting in this unique universe-city that is Auroville,.

A private university refers to recognition of its status by a private entity as state universities like Pondicherry University by the government of a country ; these references constitute the validity of a students achievements (mainly for the job market). The self-luminous expression University for Human Unity conveys our intention not to demand formal recognition, to issue diplomas or certificates (although statements can be written recommending a students work for outside recognition), but to open a space for ideology-free expressions of learning and understanding, of truly, experientially being in unison (yoga) with oneself, the others, the world, the Divine, with Oneness. From the Delphic and Socratic Know thyself onwards there is a perennial philosophical ideal over the centuries about integral wisdom that goes specifically to Sri Aurobindos Integral Yoga indeed, the spiritual quest for the Self cannot be bypassed in any true learning process.

The core of a university consists of a team of scholars in any specific field of knowledge. This private university can therefore constitute herself on the basis of a number of scholars, Aurovilians and associated scholars from all over the world. The university can make its way and gain recognition progressively on behalf of its quality. Keeping its freedom and autonomy, some collaboration or a partial academic affiliation may be envisioned with international universities and institutes through joint programmes, for example with the French Institute (that has some link with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother from its very conception, when Maurice Schumann [who met the Mother] inspired its existence in 1947. The founding Director Prof. Jean Filliozat gave a conference at the Sorbonne to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Sri Aurobindos passing away on the fifth of December 1955) ; with the Sri Aurobindo Darshan : The University of Tomorrow, that focuses on e-learning and offers a Doctor of Sri Aurobindo Studies Program in affiliation with Antioch University and Hindu-University in the United States; with the Indian Psychology Institute in Pondicherry; with the Californian Institute of Integral Studies; with universities endowed with UNESCO chairs, with the University of Peace (Costa Rica, Berlin).

In Auroville the ideal of Unity in Diversity and Diversity in Unity will be manifested as already existing centres and institutes with a specific mission may cooperate in a common horizon of service to the Divine Consciousness under the umbrella of a University for Human Unity without losing their proper genius as it has evolved from their original inspiration. The University for Human Unity will manifest the ideal of Auroville to be a place of unending learning for Aurovilians and for visiting and invited seekers worldwide. The spiritual work accomplished here in Auroville, the collective karmayoga will manifest repercussions in a variety of activities engaging first and foremost Aurovilians and opening the harvest of their endeavours to the greater world that Auroville is part of. The University forHuman Unity can be an interface with sincere seekers of spiritual realisation all over the world and embody Mothers idea of an intermediate zone between the physical and the supramental world.



- Rudy